Ultra sustainable clothing / decor

Ultra sustainable clothing / home decor

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Committed to Change

Ultra sustainable forever

Every aspect and detail of Togeva Foreva from operation to product is as sustainable as humanly possible. Instead of prioritising profit, we prioritise earthly positive impact above all and have decided to be a - no profit | + yes earth organisation.

Eco-Concious material

Every piece is crafted from 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton, ensuring fashion that feels good on you and the planet. With every wear, you're part of the positive change.

Production & Packaging

From water-based, vegan-certified inks to our plastic-free packaging, we're dedicated to eco-friendly processes. Ensuring a green footprint from start to finish.

Community-Driven Design

Wear a story, not just clothes. Our unique designs are sourced from our creative community, giving life to the art and ideas of eco-conscious minds from around the globe.

Planting futures

Each purchase contributes to reforestation efforts, with a tree planted for every item sold. Dressing well means planting roots for a greener tomorrow.

Eco-Friendly Shipping

Every purchase you make is delivered using carbon-neutral methods through our partnership with Shopify Planet. Together, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Ocean Plastic Cleanup

For every product you purchase, 50 plastic bottles are removed from the ocean through our collaboration with the Ample Earth Initiative. Your support directly contributes to cleaner oceans and a healthier planet.

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Embrace style that stands for more. Togeva Foreva offers timeless fashion woven with the promise of sustainability. We celebrate diversity in design and champion apparel that supports our planet. Be part of the movement where every choice is a step towards a better future.

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Tag @togevaforeva for a chance to be featured
Engage, learn, impact
Crafting the future together
Engage, learn, impact
Crafting the future together